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Now where do I begin, this game was absolutely perfect for me! It wasn't like all of those other sim date games where you have a countless number of girls to try to impress. Having only 2 girls to adventure with and build up a friendship was absolutely amazing! There was some funny stuff in there too! I actually laughed when I went up to the light house a second time and found mad max. The fact that you had to complete adventures was awesome! I really like the simplicity of this game, and the secrets were a challenge to find but they didn't prove too much trouble.The second was a total disappointment to me. It was too complicated and had too much content, and only 31 days to do it in. Also if you make a third one, don't reuse characters and maybe make one more girl, e.g archer. Then you'll have a warrior, mage and archer. And you could put a couple more quests in, and maybe more items, But don't do the stats like you did in the second one. The voice acting in the second game was good but I'd cut it if I were you. Most guys who play these games try to imagine themselves in the situation and it doesn't help to have some guy talking. Overall the first game was absolutely perfect and I loved it! But, the second game was slightly over complicated. Thanks for reading this. But for this game you get a five star rating and I'm making both of you involved favourites :)
P.S I thoroughly recommend that you make a third game, and make it like this one, not the second.

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Listen2Reason responds:

It's always great to see someone who cares enough to write a lot about the game. Thanks for your review! :)

A fun little game that had me screaming at my computer yet enjoying the game.
I normally hate games like this but this is amazing! Nice 3D graphics not too fancy but still enough to make it look good. I was first most of the time and the oil slicks were particularly well placed!

This game definitely got better. But you still have some things you need to change.
The sprites are not very pleasing to the eye. Also the achievements don't work.
If you made the sprites more interesting I might up my vote in the next version.

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tomhart21 responds:

I must say, I personally am quite pleased with the sprites, I think the Pixel-y stickman looks just fine. As such, I have absolutely NO intention of changing them. In fact... I may just make the background more pixel-y...

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